when the sun hits

landscape and garden design


Terraced Backyard in Kensington, 2016:

The entire back landscape is re-graded and terraced with new lawn, new retaining walls, new staircases, new lower terrace patio with concrete segmented steps, and concrete with lighting.

New Curb Appeal, El Cerrito, 2015:

The front landscape was regraded with new paver, stepped main walkway, new arbor, centerpiece urn or tree, new paver driveway and new french drain system.

New Curb Appeal, San Rafael, In Progress, 2020:

Keeping with the original layout of the the front landscape, existing stone walkway is to be replaced with a new tan stone thqt matches the front pillars, new layer of decomposed graniteall new planter pots, and all new planting including a new fruitless olive tree (first four images are before images) 

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